Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Answering the ACUSATION of a Hijacking.

Where to start with this. I and others have been accused of "hijacking" an idea. First of all no one person owns an "idea". Preparedness by any name, whether it be prepping, stocking-up, putting something back for a rainy day or any of a dozen names you could use to describe what we do has been around since the beginning of time. It's what smart people do to be able to take care of themselves and their family's during the lean times. Any of you that have followed me on this site or anywhere else you may have found me know that preparedness is not something I just dabble in, it IS my passion. I believe with every fiber of my of my being that teaching and helping others prepare themselves is what I was put here to do and the Internet is the best possible tool for the job at this time. And I do think networking is a good idea with many possibilities of helping thousands of people in these serious economic times in this world we call home. If I had not thought it was a good sound idea I would not have poured so much of myself in to the concept for the last eleven months. But, things were not working like they should because of various reasons that I will not delve in to here. I did not think I was doing what I truly wanted to be doing and did not think that was likely to change. There were just to many obstacles in the way for that to happen. I know that many of you do not have a clue about these things and I will not discuss them here, but if you want more answers you can find me as I do not intend to go away or leave the prepper community.
Now, on to the subject at hand. First of all this was not the work of just one or two people but is really a group effort by twenty plus people who have pooled their resources both financial and intellectual and brought a new community of prepping in to being. Tonight we have been called thieves, liars, profiteers and much worse in some instances by people whose feeling have been hurt it seems. To answer the charge of theft I would like to use a direct quote from a post from the APN main page on October 17 of this year by Tom Martin as follows "
So rather than fight over who coined the term "American Preppers" and who has rights to it, in an unprecedented move I am going to donate the term "American Preppers" to ALL preppers in the United States of America. This would be like Coca-Cola or Mcdonalds donating their trademark or intellectual property to the country. Like I said, it was a term that was meant for all preppers in America. If you are a prepper and wish to use it, feel free. The term "American Preppers" IS NOW PUBLIC DOMAIN". If something is freely put in to the public domain how can anyone steal it? As far as the principle of prepping, that is something that is in the heart, mind and soul, and that is not for sale or available for theft but can only be given to another person in the most charitable act one person could do for another. The charge of lying I can not answer without making public some very private information and I chose to take the high road and not do that because I hold my honor and the trust of others above all else. As to the charge of profiteering I can only say a couple of things. One is that to my knowledge not one cent has been made, only time and financial resources spent and the bills keep coming as this project is not yet finished. It was taken public today before it was truly ready because of the fact that someone whom I considered my friend had taken information they were privy to and released it to other people and that had the potential to do much damage to the prepper community as a whole. And nothing was worth that risk. As far as any future money that could be made with this effort I am prepared to make a public offer to a gentleman for whom I have a great deal of personal respect for as every time I had reason to deal with him he always acted with honor and integrity. At this time I offer Riverwalker a seat on the Board of Directors for the "Non-profit Organization" that stands behind this new effort to help people around the world get better prepared. This offer will remain open on my word of honor to Riverwalker as long as my Lord allows me to draw breath.
I know this dissertation will not satisfy some people and there is nothing I can do to change that fact, but I felt I needed to write this because once again I will not allow anything to get in the way of more people getting prepared and perhaps saving their families from a terrible fate. I have tried to present the facts in as straightforward and truthful manner as I possibly can and I have to leave you the reader to be the final judge. I will leave this up for one week and at that time I will turn this site back over to Tom Martin to do with as he wishes. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter. Gary


  1. yep figured you'd take it out of context....You missed the part about "network" You guys cant come up with something original...have to call it "American Prepper Network" Cant call it "American Preppers Coalition" or "American Preparedness Network" Nearly every idea you've used has been taken from someone else.

    You guys have accused me of plotting and planning...well this most certainly appears to be a plot and a plan to me and to the rest of us that will see right through it..

    Rather than offering so much as a phone call or email to try to work out whatever it is that bothers you guys, you had to copy other people..oh well, people will always know who the original prepper networks are

  2. funny, non-profit organization? yes I could set up a non-profit too...and give "Martin Enterprizes" all kinds of free ad space to sell custom artwork, custom antennas, and hats and t-shirts....I wonder if Hill Enterprizes will be willing to share 2010 tax returns with anyone? I wonder how much freedom the moderators on your copy cat sites will have to be administrators of the blogs...I mean you certainly wouldn't want someone to come on, become and administrator and then boot you guys off now would ya? I highly doubt anyone will be able to become a moderator for Indiana Prepper Network for example and set up their own template, black background and post tin hatter articles that you disagree with. And then have the authority to boot you off the site like you guys did to me

  3. I direct you all to go here:


  4. what's going on here? SPAM and no updates for over a month? wth? is this site still viable or do I need to delete from my bookmarks? again, whats going on here?

  5. Delete it Gen. Go to the new site. www.WestVirginiaPreppersNetwork.com You are more than welcome to be a moderator on it. You can email me at americanprepper@yahoo.com.